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New build, 0.45, download it now

Posted on January 1, 2020  in Builds

Bug fixes including a problem with remapping keys. Now you can only bind a command to one key instead of multiple keys.

When you first join a game you will definitely start off in the Pitstop on open games, previously it was hit or miss.

Add more hopefully helpful informational messages, e.g. when you run out of batteries or try to pick up a flag without the flag catcher activated.

The arrow above a pitstop will change to the color of the team that has captured the pitstop, base pitstop arrow are by default the color of their team.


Category: Builds

New build 0.42 available

Posted on March 21, 2015  in Builds

It’s been about 10 months since the last build. Go to the download page to get it. Remember to uninstall any previous version before installing this new one.

The install was completely refactor to eliminate any unnecessary files so this is the smallest installer yet.

Mouse support has been added. For it to work you need to go into Options(F2 in game) then select the Controls tab and move the Mouse slider somewhere to the right. That will activate the mouse controlling the turret.

Fixed a problem when tanks were right next to each other and their shots were not registering. The launch point of the fired projectile was moved closer to the center of the tank so it won’t intrude into another tank passed the that tank’s collision mesh. A shot’s projectile is now fired from the same location the 1st person eye is.